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Student-coaching.nl is a modern coaching practice for (international) students and other adults over 18 years of age, who seek personal development or want to deal with unhealthy stress.
In the first conversation you choose your goals and ambitions, and together we will compare your present situation with your ambitions. You’ll learn to handle emotions easily, distance yourself from limiting thoughts, and focus your attention to what’s really important for you.
Supported by student-coaching you may recover balance and increase resilience in a safe, confidential and practical way.

For educational institutions I give tailor-made workshops or presentations.

This website informs you about it.


Coaching is a process of face-to-face conversations up to 90 minutes, that I usually practice at my place and partly through skype. In between conversations you put new insights into practice. Coaching requires selfreflection, commitment, time and money. And courage: courage over comfort.
Educational institutions pay € 80,-per hour, students pay according to their means.

what students say:

shop assistant (M 26)

I liked the coaching with Bavo. He is steady and pleasant and he really helps you reflect upon yourself and draw your own conclusions. He confronted me with thought patterns that I never saw before. Personally I feel self assured and independent now, I avoid much...

entrepreneur (M 47)

The coaching I did with Bavo produced many results for me. Bavo is a committed and passionate coach who works with you intensely. This provides actual goals and clear results. His passion for coaching radiates and it made me continue with pleasure and enthusiasm. I recommend...

ex-student (M 30)

"The coaching process with Bavo made me understand myself better. Thanks to his personal and patient approach I am making steps in my quest to what I want and how I want it. From the first day onward I have felt perfectly at ease...

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