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Welcome at student-coaching

Student-coaching is a modern coachpractice for students and other adults over eighteen years of age, who want to grow. In this stage of life you are on your own, which may pose big challenges. Your student days are a learning period. It may be nice and helpful to reflect upon your personal development with a coach, and to handle things in a more relaxed way. In the coaching you can safely practice ways to reduce stress, to focus, find your own path, and be more effective, in short to discover the true version of you.


If you seek a more relaxed functioning. If you want to find the true version of you and make important choices. If you want to improve the balance in thinking, feeling and acting. Then I want to support you and offer tools to improve your self-realization and reach your goals.

linking up with your qualities, talents and ambitions I use developmental coaching, heartcoherence training, value-based coaching en positive psychology as main methods.

Coaching is most effective if you reflect upon yourself, do exercises, keep a diary and keep appointments.

what students say:

student (M 27)

"I have moved forward in self-awareness and self-management. We had a lot of talks and I got to do exercises, some of which I did and some of which I didn’t do. I have addressed some big issues that stood...

shop assistant (M 26)

"I liked the coaching with Bavo. He is steady and pleasant and he really helps you reflect upon yourself and draw your own conclusions. He confronted me with thought patterns that I never saw before. Personally I feel self assured and independent now, I avoid much...

entrepreneur (M 47)

"The coaching I did with Bavo produced many results for me. Bavo is a committed and passionate coach who works with you intensely. This provides actual goals and clear results. His passion for coaching radiates and it made me continue with pleasure and enthusiasm. I recommend...

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