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Directing attention and focussing on an assignment is a big challenge for some of us (not only for students). There are so many interesting things, and the assignment may wait until later or tomorrow. Or maybe you think you can do different things simultaneously. Then someone comes in, the phone rings and you receive messages on your smartphone that need to be answered. Before you know your chance is over, and what’s the result? If you do everything at the same time you get nothing done.
To be really effective you’ll have to make a purposeful choice to start now and you’ll have to cut off internal and external stimuli. You can only learn that by practicing. Start with a short, daily period, en slowly expand it. Find a few allies to join in and share experiences with. That will make you more succesful and it’s more fun. And your smartphone and that great game will still be there when your assignment is done.

Take it easy

Summer holidays! Can you enjoy it?

Stand on your own?

For my eleven months old grandson it’s his first steps. For students it’s moving out and make your own choices. For me personally it was to set up my own coaching company at the age of 64. To stand on your own two feet has a different meaning for anyone and in any stage of life.

Students sometimes think that you have to do everything by yourself and solve any problem you face. If they don’t succeed immediately it feels like failure or being immature. That’s too bad. For their stage of life eminently is a learning period. And you may learn that any human in society is always vulnerable. That you can learn from failure, and that you can ask for help.

That’s not failure, that’s standing on your own!