trial and error

At last I can publish my website! And it was quite a trick to create it. Creating a website sounds simple nowadays, but since I am a computer illiterate for me it was quite a challenge.
In short: lots of frustration and little successes. I watched instructions on YouTube, found ‘simple’ tutorials that I couldn’t even read, let alone apply. Clumsy as I am I struggled my way through, with a lot of trial and error.
Of course I could have outsourced the whole project, but I am a stubborn man and besides that would be very expensive. So I continued my struggle, fell many times, got up one more time and had a few small successes. In the end I asked my cousin Arjen to solve the remaining obstacles. For him it was a piece of cake!

The American researcher Brené Brown in one of her speeches referred to TED-talks as the failure conference: every speaker failed many times, and had to rise stronger many more times, before manifesting the final triumph. It sounds common to me: you accept a challenge, have to endure the pain and frustration of struggling through unknown territory and eventually create a succes upon the foundation of multiple failures.
I recognize that in ‘my’ students also: they want quick results in all areas. And they are not always aware of the resilience they need to reach a distant goal, neither how they toss their own problems. But if you give up too soon, or don’t share your experiences or find the help that you need, you may not get the results. Studying nowadays is top-class sport, and sportsmen and -women usually have a coach. A coach supports you in expanding your talents, improve your fitness and to update your limiting beliefs: together you reach further.
That’s how this website was created, with patience and persistance and with the help of a few friends. Thank you Elena for the beautiful picture of the white Berlin peacock. Thank you Marieke for the picture of me as a coach. Thank you Maarten en Miriam for your solid feedback on the first draft. Thank you Arjen for the layout and the bilingual plugin. Thank you students for your testimonials. After all hardship I fully enjoy the result!