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The exploratory interview is free of charge. We explore whether coaching may be the answer to your question and whether we want to embark together. If so we make a contract. The contract contains my basic assumptions such as an equivalent relation, my confidentiality, code of conduct en the complaint protocol. The contract specifies what exactly you may expect from me, such as my support for obtaining your goals, my feedback and reports. It also specifies what I expect from the coachee, such as reflection, exercising and and fulfilling agreements.


In the first session we will discuss what you want to achieve in the coaching period, and at what point you would be satisfied with the results. We try to pinpoint that quite exact. The conversations typically take place every two weeks, lasting up to 90 minutes max. Together we determine the number of conversations (at least 6) and the intervals. Preferably we will work at my place in Veenendaal. Additionally we may have contact through skype and email.
I invite you to keep a log or a diary, to write reflection reports and to do exercises. Exercising in your own living environment will give you control over your results.

expenses and tax deduction

Students will be charged according to their means (by mutual agreement).
The standard charge for educational institutions is € 80,- per hour (VAT excluded). Costs are invoiced quarterly.

Expenses for coaching or career counseling exceeding the amount of € 250,- are tax-deductible, subject to certain conditions. Tax deduction will be applied for costs concerning ‘educational expenses’. My coaching practice is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) number 70150540, and my activities are labeled as code 85599, which stands for ‘Coaching and education’.
You may want to consult with the tax department.