Dutch coaching day May 31st 2018 / International coaching week May 7-13th

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Dutch coaching day May 31st 2018 / International coaching week May 7-13th

The Dutch coaching day needs to be adressed here. The theme is ‘courage’, so let’s have it.

In my career I have been a counselor, project leader, policy consultant and teacher. Since one year I am also a coach for personal development. In order to become a coach I want to reinvent myself, which requires a journey of transformation. In my life and at my age I desire this transformation. This desire challenges me. I practice coherent breathing and it makes me more balanced and mild. Now I struggle to discover new behavioral patterns. E.g. I do not just want to be guided by my knowledge and experiences from the past, but I want to work from the connection with the client and follow him. That would make me less important in the equasion. I want to upgrade myself as a coach through accurate training with supervision, peer training and exercise. It may produce trial and error and eventually new discoveries.

As a coach my mission is to support the next generation in finding the true version of themselves. But what is the true version of you? Where do you find it and how are you to know when you did? Who is to say that? At every stage in your evolution you ask new questions and you want to find answers. I do not know the answers. I do not know which version of you is truest. You will have to discover and find out for yourself. I am the mirror that asks difficult and maybe confrontational questions, out of loving attention and empathy. The journey is about taking risk out of your comfort zone. That needs courage from both sides, it is a mutual adventure.

And what is in this journey the true version of Bavo Hopman as a coach? That is an exploration. It is my ambition to find the philosopher’s stone, to transform into a wise alchemist in support of the development of my clients. The students and clients that I served until now say that I am a good coach, and yet I want to upgrade myself to be more effective and client focused. I am climbing a mountain and doing so I encounter old themes (again). Am I ok? Do I feel safe and can I make it safe for the other person? Am I balanced in thinking, feeling and behavior? How do I deal with vulnerability? Can I sacrifice my narcism and what do I get in return? Indeed which are my coaching qualities?

Our three kids (29, 28 and 24) are on their own now, the first grandchild was born last week. This was a very special experience, that stimulates me all the more to contribute to my ability to make the world a little better for them. And to support the next generation to find the true version of themselves.