Relaxation at last

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Relaxation at last

Many people are too busy to be able to relax at times. Even in the holiday period. We tend to be busy, we are rushed or we are in a hurry. Even the holidays may not always give us enough relaxation. Consider holiday stress. How about difficult circumstances that do not take a break. How can you ever relax?

Maybe it helps you to realize that stress usually comes from the brains. All your senses are messaging information from a hectic world, you have to deal with difficult emotions or your thinking never stops. You may think that you always have to deliver or it’s never good enough. It all stems from your mind. That’s why television, gaming, computers and social media don’t bring release.

Release of tensions particularly stems from your body. Quiet deep breathing en movement or physical activity always lead to more relaxation. You focus on different things, you distract your brain from all impressions and all needs and wants. Physical activity (sports, tending the garden, swimming, whatever) brings release after the effort. Active relaxation. Singing together, making music or listening to it, visit a museum or a festival. And last but not least: sleeping well.

You cannot change the direction of the wind but you can adjust your sails. Even when you have a busy summer job, or health problems in the family or you are a volunteer aid, try to build in some moments of active relaxation. Summer and holidays are very appropriate for choosing a lifestyle that will give you energy instead of consuming it. And if you like it and it suits you, you may want to go on with it for the rest of the year.

Happy holidays!