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what students say:

student (M 27)

“I have moved forward in self-awareness and self-management. We had a lot of talks and I got to do exercises, some of which I did and some of which I didn’t do. I have addressed some big issues that stood in the way of my progress and I had to break them down by acknowledge them and working them out. For example, drinking habits and internet addiction. And that helped me a great deal to move on. Now I handle my downs more conscious and aware, not only by feeling bad about them without knowing why and how to overcome them. Even though that sounds negative since they are the downs, yet it is positive in a way that I am more aware of them.

I have come to recognize myself more and to accept things as they are. Very helpfull were the reflections that I wrote to share with Bavo. And I learned that staying in one’s mind is not the best way to move on and we got to go out and reach to reality.

It was such a journey that I have spent talking Mr. Bavo, full of discussions and awareness that I was looking for. I am now making progress every single chance that I can grasp. I am full of hope for the future and looking forward to it.”

shop assistant (M 26)

“I liked the coaching with Bavo. He is steady and pleasant and he really helps you reflect upon yourself and draw your own conclusions. He confronted me with thought patterns that I never saw before. Personally I feel self assured and independent now, I avoid much less and reflect more on the things I do.”

entrepreneur (M 47)

“The coaching I did with Bavo produced many results for me. Bavo is a committed and passionate coach who works with you intensely. This provides actual goals and clear results. His passion for coaching radiates and it made me continue with pleasure and enthusiasm. I recommend him warmly to anyone!”

ex-student (M 30)

“The coaching process with Bavo made me understand myself better. Thanks to his personal and patient approach I am making steps in my quest to what I want and how I want it. From the first day onward I have felt perfectly at ease with Bavo, which made me open up in a way that I never experienced before with anyone. Bavo is transparant in his explanations and what he wants you to do in this process. I have rarely experienced anyone to be and stay so sincerely engaged before”.

student (F 20)

“The coaching process showed me the importance of taking care of myself and care about myself. It made me grow in my self-awareness and create a space where the most important aspect was “me’. I was surprised about the feedback of other students about my development and growth. It has been very important for me and I would also recommend that this coaching process should be something which is offered regularly at university because it can reveal important struggles and ways out of them, without being set in an uncomfortable and forced setting.”

student (M 62)

“In my experience Bavo masters the art of being with people in an attentive and loving way. Moreover he gets to the very root of the issue without beating about the bush. For me that was very enlightening!  The power of his coaching comes from that specific combination of qualities. It supported me in recovering my balance. And the result for me was that I got a brilliant succes!”

student (F 20)

“I got so many insights about myself. I am grown up, I am not stupid, I can protect myself and of that I am proud. People around me see and confirm that the progress is real. The conversations were mostly all intense and not always something to really look forward to. Nevertheless, they helped me accept things from the past en present, and made me be more honest with myself, there was no denying. When letting go of the pretend and coming closer to myself I feel more balanced. I have more confidence in myself, the knowledge I can overcome things and understand myself more than I thought I could, will help me when encountering new challenges and to continue to work on myself.”

student (F 20)

“The coaching process with Bavo has supported me with growing into a more confident, more self-aware adult. Things like taking time for myself, for exercise, for sleep, are just as important and help me deal with stress and still improve academically. What helped me in this respect is that the coach never tried to convince to study less or to dismiss my ambition, but instead helped me how to deal with it in a healthy manner. What is useful is the ‘reality check’ that I can do now, and that I am more comfortable with sharing, put to use in most situations. It has helped me understand my needs and has given me tools for dealing with stress and personal problems. I am now a confident adult and a better teamplayer.”

student (F 21)

“I did overcome my fear of discussing my personal issues with another person. This was something I did not think I could ever do. I did grow significantly through being more aware of my own issues, concerns and qualities. I gained several tools, like breathing exercises, personal reflection and self-awareness tools. Although it was an emotional and difficult process, I think I did benefit enormously from the coaching process.” 

student (F 20)

“Thank you very much for the amazing work you have been doing so far and that you will do in the future.”