Follow your heart

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You experience pressure and you are expected or you want to meet different expectations. Can you still relax and are you physically fit and comfortable? How is your tech balance (online-offline)? Do you share and relate easily? Do you sleep well?

Your resilience and selfregulation are important in that area. You can train these, e.g. with motion and breathing exercises. By increasing your resilience you will find a new balance. You’ll be more effective and you deploy your talents in favour of your personal and professional development. That’s how step by step you will find the true version of yourself.


follow your heart

In past decades we thought that all physical reactions were controlled by the brain. In recent years we found increasing evidence of the decisive role of the body and the heart in relaxation. To follow your heart simply means that your accelerator and brake pedal are balanced, that there is balance between action and rest, between your brain and body, between your thoughts and emotions. And that’s an effective way to ease down an overactive brain and to master stressors and feelings of stress.


Everyone is different. We determine your personal breathing frequency using a bio-feedback method with the StressEraser Pro and the BalanceManager. This will help you find your balance. Within a 8-10 weeks period the tailormade breathing exercises will help you handle stress and emotions. Supported by coaching and healthy motion you will learn to relax and to follow your heart. Basically you restore your relaxation respons in the autonomous nerve system, and therefore the balance between action and rest (accelerator and brake pedal).
The Heart Q method is registered in de Benelux, Germany and Switzerland for education, healthcare and business and has proven sustainable effectiveness over and over again.


Breathing exercises alone do not always accomodate every person. If that were so you could easily do it by yourself and be happy with the benefits. But you may have to deal with habits, emotions or limiting thoughts.
In the coaching conversations we examine what’s stopping you and you will obtain tools to overcome blockades. Thus you can focus on what’s really important in your personal development.